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Review: Surgeon Simulator for iOS

If you follow PC gaming at all you've probably seen videos at some point in the last year involving this first-person surgery simulator which features ridiculously difficult controls, countless sharp objects, and a patient that's completely at your uneducated mercy...

Opinion: A Farewell to Entertainment Retail

Ahead of us lies a future where entertainment is at our immediate disposal: musical masterpieces, video games with staggering budgets, and literary works from biblical times forward, all starting at 99 cents and a few seconds of Wi-Fi connection. I can't help but wonder, are we losing something more important?

Tutorial - Let's Make a Game - Part 1

Gaming is a hobby for "doers." It both requires and rewards creativity. It's no coincidence that the typical gamer often finds themselves thinking up changes to their favorite games and, eventually, dreaming up ideas for games of their own.

Listicle: Great Reading for Gamers

Welcome to Gaming Month! All month long we'll be sharing stories, memories, and recommendations about gaming stuff we love. Right out of the gate I wanted to share some of my favorite reading material about our favorite hobby. Take a look through the list and add your favorites!

Review: Five Nights at Freddy's

You're a night security guard, that creature is robotic, it has backed you into a corner of your dark office, and it's already too late.