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Retro5 feature article

Inside the Retro Game Development Community | ZAM

What do you do when your favorite console is retired? Keep making games for it, obviously! These are the developers who are still making games for the NES, the N64, and the Dreamcast.

Feature article

Developer Profile: Clarissa Darling | ZAM

How many software developer characters in popular culture can you think of, past and present? How many game designers? How many female game designers under 18? If you have anyone left in mind at all (and the headline didn’t ruin it for you), you probably caught Clarissa Explains It All in the 90s.

If Clarissa did not explain it all to you, you can get up to speed quickly at Wikipedia or even catch a few episodes on Hulu.

Gamegeniecover feature article

The increasingly complex world of cheating in videogames | ZAM

Cheating is as old as gaming, but it still presents brand new problems. Gone are the days of simple cheat codes in secluded sessions between player and machine. In their place, a booming new business thrives.

Mmmfeature article

Inside Indie Dev: Iber Parodi Siri, Mission Massive Migration | Code Write Play

Iber Parodi Siri (@rmbsevl)
Founder, Rombosaur Studios
Project: Mission Massive Migration

2016 01 11 12 29 40 greenshot article

Inside Indie Dev: Garry Hamer, Push for Emor | Code Write Play

When I first encountered Garry Hamer he was eagerly showing around the alpha for his upcoming sci-fi shooter RPG Push for Emor. We had a lighthearted chat over Twitter–I offered my condolences upon hearing he had just purchased the $600 Oculus Rift and he jokingly described explaining it to his sobbing girlfriend–and we went our separate ways after I offered to play the demo and get back to him.

Megatectfeature article

10 Indie Games to Watch in 2016 | ZAM

It’s a great time to be an indie game enthusiast. 2015 saw tons of excellent indie game releases including Ori & the Blind Forest, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Rocket League and countless others. 2016 is already full of promise, with a number of highly anticipated indies scheduled for release and even more promising projects in early development. Here are 10 great-looking games to keep an eye on next year.

Cover article

The Track to Enlightenment: 5 Life Lessons Hidden in Racing Games | ZAM

Racing games are not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s easy to forgive the average gamer for having little concern about the completeness of their trophy collection in Mario Kart, let alone their individual car manufacturer XP levels in Forza. Given their hyper-focused gameplay with often little or no story, there are plenty of perfectly acceptable reasons to keep it casual with racing games.

That doesn’t mean there is nothing to gain from a deeper proclivity for virtual racing. The genre has valuable wisdom to impart. What follows is a look at just a few life lessons from the track.

Games kf2 logo article

Killing Floor 2 Early Access players in furor over direction of updates | ZAM

Tripwire Interactive has released a major update for its upcoming cooperative first-person shooter, Killing Floor 2, and the contents have some Early Access players crying foul.

Screenshot03 article

Review - FAST Racing NEO (Wii U) | Code Write Play

As a huge fan of racing games in general it’s nice to see a new competitor on the Wii U. I downloaded Mario Kart 8 the night I unboxed the console and I’ve beaten and revisited it many times now. I exhausted Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on the PC thanks to Humble Bundle. Many of the other noteworthy Wii U racers are ports from older systems and Nintendo loyalists simply don’t have access to a lot of today’s top racers. I couldn’t help but secretly harbor high hopes for FAST Racing NEO and, many hours later, I’m happy to report that it’s a solid title for Wii U players.

Image article

Space Food Truck Early Access Review | The Nerd Stash

When The Nerd Stash first covered Space Food Truck, One Man Left Studios was nearing the end of a journey to expand beyond the mobile platform and test the waters of PC/Mac/Linux development for the first time. The designers spoke eagerly in a press release about the opportunity to build deeper, more compelling experiences than they felt they could create on handheld devices. After spending time with the latest Early Access build of Space Food Truck, I think they’re well on their way to doing just that.

Victorvranfeature article

Victor Vran Review | The Nerd Stash

If you want an affordable action RPG to pleasantly surprise you, look no further than Victor Vran by Bulgarian independent studio Haemimont Games.

Haemimont, famous for the Tropico series, worked with publisher EuroVideo Medien to get the game released on Steam. It was part of the Early Access program from February through July of 2015 where it was previewed for The Nerd Stash by Sabine Algur, wherein she declared Victor Vran an “extraordinary upcoming ARPG.”

Now, having been fully launched in July, Victor Vran is just an extraordinary ARPG.

Starwarsbattlefrontfeature article

It's Not a Trap: The Case for Star Wars Battlefront | Code Write Play

It probably isn’t news to you that players have been very hard on Star Wars Battlefront. While Metacritic awards the PC version a 71/100 based on average reviews from 17 top critics, site users have slapped it with a 3.4/10 (!), citing a variety of complaints including an unfair DLC model, no space battles, and the lack of any campaign content. While I have no intention to present Battlefront as a perfect game, this post is going to take a harder look at some of the chief complaints against it and see if it didn’t perhaps at least deserve a higher score than My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic for the iPhone.

Divinity original sin enhanced edition article

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review | The Nerd Stash

Larian Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition marks the Divinity series’ arrival on consoles with a killer classic RPG experience.

Featureartwork article

Space Food Truck Headed for Steam Early Access

Alabama-based indie studio One Man Left has announced their fifth title, Space Food Truck, will be available Tuesday, November 24 via Steam Early Access. Described by the studio as a “cooperative culinary adventure for 1-4 players,” Space Food Truck will focus on deck building and strategy as players traverse a procedurally-generated galaxy assembling recipes to stay in business.

Googleadsensered article

Invalid Activity: My Google AdSense Nightmare | Code Write Play

My name is Todd Mitchell. I am personally banned from the benefits of the Google AdSense program for life. I’d like to tell you the story, though there are large portions of it I do not know, and I’d like to warn you about how easily this can happen to you too.