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Mmmfeature article

Inside Indie Dev: Iber Parodi Siri, Mission Massive Migration | Code Write Play

Iber Parodi Siri (@rmbsevl)
Founder, Rombosaur Studios
Project: Mission Massive Migration

2016 01 11 12 29 40 greenshot article

Inside Indie Dev: Garry Hamer, Push for Emor | Code Write Play

When I first encountered Garry Hamer he was eagerly showing around the alpha for his upcoming sci-fi shooter RPG Push for Emor. We had a lighthearted chat over Twitter–I offered my condolences upon hearing he had just purchased the $600 Oculus Rift and he jokingly described explaining it to his sobbing girlfriend–and we went our separate ways after I offered to play the demo and get back to him.

Screenshot03 article

Review - FAST Racing NEO (Wii U) | Code Write Play

As a huge fan of racing games in general it’s nice to see a new competitor on the Wii U. I downloaded Mario Kart 8 the night I unboxed the console and I’ve beaten and revisited it many times now. I exhausted Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on the PC thanks to Humble Bundle. Many of the other noteworthy Wii U racers are ports from older systems and Nintendo loyalists simply don’t have access to a lot of today’s top racers. I couldn’t help but secretly harbor high hopes for FAST Racing NEO and, many hours later, I’m happy to report that it’s a solid title for Wii U players.

Starwarsbattlefrontfeature article

It's Not a Trap: The Case for Star Wars Battlefront | Code Write Play

It probably isn’t news to you that players have been very hard on Star Wars Battlefront. While Metacritic awards the PC version a 71/100 based on average reviews from 17 top critics, site users have slapped it with a 3.4/10 (!), citing a variety of complaints including an unfair DLC model, no space battles, and the lack of any campaign content. While I have no intention to present Battlefront as a perfect game, this post is going to take a harder look at some of the chief complaints against it and see if it didn’t perhaps at least deserve a higher score than My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic for the iPhone.

Googleadsensered article

Invalid Activity: My Google AdSense Nightmare | Code Write Play

My name is Todd Mitchell. I am personally banned from the benefits of the Google AdSense program for life. I’d like to tell you the story, though there are large portions of it I do not know, and I’d like to warn you about how easily this can happen to you too.